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Removing Location from Facebook Map

This short video shows how to remove a location from a Facebook photo or post so that it does not appear on the map found on your Wall.

Update Facebook Privacy Regularly

It is a good idea to update privacy settings on Facebook regularly. As we use applications, we sometimes give permission for those apps to ‘post on our behalf’. In some cases this is a preferred option but in some cases we would like to limit the audience that sees those posts. This short video explains […]

Humans are Social: A Look at the Google+ Project and Facebook

Toastmaster Speech #5 Video created by Lorraine Taylor This video was created using Powerpoint, Jing, iClipart and YouTube.

Privacy on Facebook

Managing our Facebook account is easy to do, but not everyone takes the time.  This short video shows you how to manage who reads your posts, who comments on your posts, and how to block someone from accessing your Facebook page. Privacy on Facebook

Playing Safe on Facebook

Zuckerburg is leading a contested debate. Zuckerberg believes that kids under 13 should be allowed on Facebook. My first thought that crossed my mind when I heard this was ‘what is the significance of that?’  Anyone under 13 will now just state their real age, as there are no background checks required to opening a […]